July 3, 2024

Markets Now Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Analysis: A global tax war is looming. It could hit Big Tech hard

A stalemate in Washington could destroy a landmark tax deal, painstakingly hammered out between 140 countries.  
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Bob’s Stores is closing all of its stores after nearly 70 years in business

Bob’s Stores, a discount store located in northeast America, is shutting down after nearly seven decades years in business.  
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Analysis: Chinese government bonds are on fire. That’s ringing alarms bells in Beijing

Money is rushing into Chinese government bonds, sending their prices soaring as investors hunt for a safer alternative to real estate and stocks. Beijing is worried about a bust that could bring down some banks.  
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Record numbers of people are flying. So why are airlines’ profits plunging?

A record number of passengers are expected to pass through US airports during this holiday travel week, as what is forecast to be a very strong summer vacation season kicks into high gear. You’d think this would be a great time to run an airline. You’d be wrong.  
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What’s open and closed on July 4

Americans across the country will celebrate Independence Day with barbecues, fireworks and a day off from work for many employees.  
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Nestlé and other companies are trying to stake their claims as weight loss drug experts. They’re not

As the use of popular weight loss and diabetes drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic skyrockets, consumer brands are scrambling to adapt. But health professionals are warning consumers not to take medical advice from the same companies trying to sell them food, supplements and other consumables.  
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Source: CNN Business

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