May 22, 2024

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Court rules Elvis’ Graceland mansion cannot be foreclosed upon – for now

Graceland can stay in the hands of Elvis Presley’s family for the time being, after a Tennessee court chancellor ruled Wednesday that a mysterious company trying to sell it likely committed fraud.  
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Fat-finger trade? Citigroup fined for nearly dumping $189 billion of stocks by accident

UK regulators slapped a combined £62 million ($79 million) fine on Citigroup Wednesday for failures in its trading systems that almost resulted in stocks worth $189 billion being dumped onto European markets.  
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House Democrats investigate if Big Oil colluded with OPEC to inflate gas prices

Congressional Democrats are investigating whether leading US oil companies have illegally colluded with each other and with OPEC to inflate prices at the pump, CNN has learned.  
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Analysis: Strong spending is obscuring an economy that isn’t working for many Americans

Even after years of inflation, geopolitical chaos and recession in Europe, the US economy remains robust and resilient. But many middle class Americans are cutting spending.  
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Original Siri voice actor reveals how she found out Apple used her voice

Susan Bennett, the original voice behind Apple’s Siri, tells CNN’s Laura Coates how she found out she was the voice of Apple’s digital assistant.  
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Shocking: Some AI developers didn’t listen when a woman rejected their offer

If you’ve been snoozing through the Scarlett Johansson-OpenAI drama this week, let me quickly catch you up:  
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Source: CNN Business

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