May 29, 2024

Markets Now Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Analysis: This signal could be good news for the stock market

Earnings season is winding down and a strange confluence of events is occurring – the economy is softening, but corporate profits are accelerating.  
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Black passengers sue American Airlines, alleging they were thrown off a plane because of false body odor complaint

A lawsuit filed Wednesday on behalf of three Black men alleges “blatant and egregious race discrimination” by American Airlines after being removed from a flight.  
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Britain’s 500-year-old Royal Mail is being bought by a Czech billionaire

The owner of Royal Mail has accepted a £3.57 billion ($4.6 billion) takeover bid from Czech billionaire Daniel Křetínský, paving the way for the sale of one of Britain’s oldest and most iconic institutions to a foreign owner for the first time.  
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MacKenzie Scott upended philanthropy as we know it. Melinda French Gates is catching on

In her cameo in the 1996 comedy First Wives Club, Ivana Trump offers a witty post-divorce kernel of wisdom: “Don’t get mad, get everything.” The 2024 version of that sentiment, at least among a certain class of billionaire women, might tack on an addendum: Get everything, and give it all away as fast as humanly possible.  
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Dollar Tree is moving into 99 Cents Only stores

Dollar Tree announced Wednesday it acquired leases for 170 of 99 Cents Only’s stores out of bankruptcy in Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas.  
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Winklevoss crypto firm customers will get back triple the value of their frozen assets

Customers of the crypto platform Gemini can expect to recover more than three times the value of their digital assets that were ensnared in the fallout of FTX — a rare outcome for creditors involved in a bankruptcy.  
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Source: CNN Business

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