March 21, 2024

Sarah's Dilemma: Present Bias and Retirement Savings

Yesterday, we discussed how "As retirement looms, many individuals grapple with whether they've saved enough to sustain their desired lifestyle in their golden years." Today, we introduce you to Sarah, a fictional 35-year-old marketing manager who dreams of retiring comfortably at age 65. Despite her aspirations, Sarah struggles to save for retirement due to Present Bias, a common psychological trap prioritizing immediate wants over future needs.

Sarah receives her paycheck every month and faces a familiar dilemma: should she save for retirement or splurge on a weekend getaway with friends? Despite knowing the importance of saving for the future, Sarah often succumbs to the allure of instant gratification and spends her money on immediate pleasures.

At first, Sarah tells herself she'll start saving for retirement next month, then the next, and so on. However, as the months turn into years, Sarah finds herself far from her retirement goals. She's stuck in a cycle of short-term thinking, unable to break free from the grip of Present Bias.

As Sarah approaches her 40s, she feels anxious about her financial future. She realizes that time is slipping away, and she's far from where she hoped to be regarding retirement savings. Despite her best intentions, Sarah's Present Bias has hindered her ability to plan for retirement effectively.

To overcome Present Bias and get back on track with her financial goals, Sarah decides to take proactive steps:

1.   Automate Savings: Sarah sets up automatic transfers from her paycheck to her retirement savings account. By automating her savings, she removes the temptation to spend impulsively and ensures that she's consistently setting aside money for the future.

2.   Visualize Future Rewards: Sarah takes time to visualize her ideal retirement lifestyle, imagining the peace of mind and financial security that come with diligent saving and investing. By keeping her long-term goals in mind, Sarah finds renewed motivation to overcome Present Bias and prioritize her retirement savings.

3.   Seek Accountability: Sarah enlists the support of a trusted DWAM financial advisor to help her manage her financial future. By sharing her goals and progress with someone she trusts, Sarah creates a sense of accountability that helps her stay focused and committed to her financial objectives.

4.   Focus on Small Wins: Sarah celebrates small victories, whether reaching a savings milestone or resisting the temptation to splurge on unnecessary expenses. Sarah builds momentum towards achieving her larger retirement goals by acknowledging her progress and reinforcing positive financial behaviors.

With determination and perseverance, Sarah overcomes her Present Bias and takes meaningful steps toward securing her financial future. By breaking free from short-term thinking and embracing a long-term mindset, Sarah sets herself toward a comfortable and fulfilling retirement.

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