Celebrate What's Right: Culture City, USA

Event Location

FedEx Event Center at Shelby Farms Park

415 Great View Dr E. Suite 103 Memphis, TN 38018
Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Start Time
4:30 PM

What is Memphis’ most impressive contribution? It’s impact on culture! Memphis has a long list of artists and innovators who continue to shape the world we know today through their influence on arts, music, sports, logistics and more, so let’s raise a glass to a few of the city’s most notable ambassadors! Join us for a happy hour (drinks + hors d'ouvres on us!) that will include time for networking, followed by a rousing round of conversations on stage with a power-packed panel sharing their special connections to the 901 and shining a spotlight on the ways that Memphis is moving the world forward.

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“I love what our firm is doing in the Memphis community. Being locally owned and completely independent allows us to reinvest in the city we all love.”
- Peyton Wade
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