Live at thhe Garden 2023 Lineup Announcement

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750 Cherry Road, Memphis, TN

750 Cherry Road, Memphis, TN
Wednesday, April 19, 2023
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Considered one of the most successful outdoor entertainment venues in the United States, Live at the Garden has entertained and energized Memphis for over 20 years by hosting superstar artists like Lionel Richie, Styx, Train, Diana Ross, Little Big Town, and more. We can't wait to bring you another great concert season at Radians Amp! The lineup will be announced on April 19 at 7 pm. Tickets will go on sale on April 24 at 10 am. Save the dates: June 3, June 24, July 14, August 25, and September 8.

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“I love what our firm is doing in the Memphis community. Being locally owned and completely independent allows us to reinvest in the city we all love.”
- Peyton Wade
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