Tripp Bennett

Vice President
The Bennett family has an esteemed legacy within the Memphis business community, spanning diverse industries such as lumber, cotton, finance, and engineering. Everett True Bennett Sr. played a pivotal role in constructing the iconic Falls Building, while his son, Everett True Bennett Jr. served as president of the Memphis Lumbermen's Association. Edwin Lyles Bennett Sr. left a lasting imprint on Memphis' financial landscape through his extensive career. Edwin L. Bennett Jr. founded Precision Hydrostatics and later Engineering Technology Services (ETS), where Tripp Bennett gained invaluable experience after graduating with honors from Christian Brothers University in 2008. Tripp subsequently embarked on his entrepreneurial venture, refining his strategy development and relationship-building skills. Presently, as a highly dedicated financial advisor at Duncan Williams Asset Management, Tripp guides clients towards achieving their financial objectives while actively contributing to the betterment of the Memphis community. During his leisure time, Tripp treasures moments with his family, embraces outdoor pursuits, and rears his two children alongside his wife, Andrea. Tripp's passion for Memphis extends to supporting local sports teams and indulging in the city's vibrant culinary scene, including the special pizza spot where he and his wife first crossed paths in 2005.
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