January 12, 2024

"Activity is the enemy of investment returns"

Warren Buffett's statement, "Activity is the enemy of investment returns," reflects his philosophy on long-term investing. In essence, he emphasizes that frequent buying and selling of investments, often driven by impulsive decisions or reacting to short-term market fluctuations, can be detrimental to achieving strong investment returns over time.

Buffett is a proponent of a more patient and disciplined approach to investing. He believes in conducting thorough research and analysis to identify strong, fundamentally sound companies and then holding onto those investments for the long term. Constantly trading or making hasty investment decisions can lead to transaction costs, taxes, and the possibility of buying and selling at inopportune moments, eroding returns.

In summary, Buffett's advice encourages investors to refrain from unnecessary and frequent trading, as it can hinder the compounding of returns and the realization of the full potential of their investments. Instead, he advocates for a more measured and long-term approach to achieve better investment results.

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