April 12, 2019

Collaboration: The Key for Non-Profit Partnerships

Non-profits must often operate with modest means and resources. Those who work in the non-profit sector are constantly operating with limited resources for effective marketing, outreach, and raising awareness for their cause and potential supporters.  However, many times they are luckily not alone when it comes to their mission or industry. Partnering with other non-profits and for-profit organizations helps noteworthy causes realize goals and gain awareness in the community.

Solid partnerships can be extremely cost-effective, by sharing resources, research, and contacts. Collaborating with other institutions can foster new conversations and strategies.  The partnership would provide greater access to new funds as well as new networks for both parties.

Strategic collaborations and partnerships, along with responsible governance, can help nonprofits run more efficiently and accomplish bigger and better things with their resources. Duncan Williams Asset Management believes in the importance of working with nonprofits and collaborating with them to help achieve these dreams!

David Scully

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