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Pro Tips for Nonprofits: Partner up to stand out

Nonprofits consistently operate with limited resources needed to effectively market, outreach, and raise awareness for their cause. In a recent study by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, 18% of nonprofits saw “small staff, transitions in staff” as one of their biggest challenges while 11% of nonprofits deemed “donor cultivation, acquisition, retention, [and] communications” as one of their biggest challenges.

Pro Tips for Nonprofits: Choosing the right financial adviser

Nonprofits are passionate about their missions, yet sometimes this passion can affect decision-making beyond the traditional scope of their work. Nonprofits work hard for donations, and deciding how to manage these donations in-house can surely add undue stress. This is where a financial advisor comes in. 

True partnerships

When we at Duncan Williams Asset Management have the opportunity to work with a nonprofit, it is our intention to form a true partnership.

Collaboration: The Key for Non-Profit Partnerships

Non-profits must often operate with modest means and resources. Those who work in the non-profit sector are constantly operating with limited resources for effective marketing, outreach, and raising awareness for their cause and potential supporters.

How a Financial Advising Firm Can Help a Non-Profit

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending Momentum Nonprofit Partners’ Conference – it was an insightful event, especially through the lens of someone working in finance.

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