True partnerships

When we at Duncan Williams Asset Management have the opportunity to work with a nonprofit, it is our intention to form a true partnership.

Collaboration: The Key for Non-Profit Partnerships

Non-profits must often operate with modest means and resources. Those who work in the non-profit sector are constantly operating with limited resources for effective marketing, outreach, and raising awareness for their cause and potential supporters.

How a Financial Advising Firm Can Help a Non-Profit

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending Momentum Nonprofit Partners’ Conference – it was an insightful event, especially through the lens of someone working in finance.

This is the Hallmark of Strong Financial Leadership of a Non-Profit

At Duncan Williams Asset Management we work with several non-profits and are familiar with the specific financial challenges they face. Fundraising shortfalls, investment questions, and projecting and planning accurately are just a few.

Add Performance to Your Non- Profit by Getting Creative with Big Cost Centers

We have the privilege of working with numerous regional non-profits who are focused on maximizing the resources they need to pursue their missions. Most feel the pressure to focus on revenue generation. After all, they are likely already painfully understaffed, and “cuts” seem counter to their missions.

What separates the good nonprofits from the great ones?

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