December 7, 2023

Markets Now 12/7

Analysis: Retail investors are sitting out the stock resurgence

This year’s stock rally is back on course. Not everyone’s on board.  
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University of Pennsylvania board of trustees holds emergency meeting after president Liz Magill’s disastrous testimony

The University of Pennsylvania’s board of trustees is holding an emergency meeting Thursday as school president Liz Magill faces scathing criticism over her performance at a House hearing earlier this week.  
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Elon Musk demands Bob Iger ‘be fired’ after Disney pulled ads from X

Elon Musk wants Bob Iger fired.  
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America is becoming a country of YIMBYs

Public support is building for changes to housing zoning codes and other laws that dominated American housing policy for decades.  
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Analysis: The US shoplifting scourge is a lot of hype with little evidence

There’s been much handwringing over the scourge of shoplifting in America since 2020. To hear some retailers and politicians tell it, retail crime is out of control across the country.  
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Recycling palm trees could cut methane emissions and create a green alternative to plywood

Desert Board is using waste from date palm trees to make a plywood alternative that can be used for furniture, flooring and walls.  
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Source: CNN Business

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