August 9, 2023

Markets Now

What does Moody's downgrade mean for markets?

Moody’s on Monday evening downgraded 10 US banks and put the credit ratings of six others on review, an indication that the agency could also eventually downgrade those institutions.  
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The world's biggest law firm is splitting off its business in China

Dentons, the world’s biggest law firm by number of employees, is distancing itself from its business in China in response to intensifying regulation in the country.  
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There's only one state left where it's illegal to pump your own gas

New Jersey is now the only state in America where it’s illegal for drivers to pump their own gas.  
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New electric Cadillac Escalade has 750 horsepower, space for your handbag, and a heck of a price tag

The new all-electric Cadillac Escalade IQ shares virtually nothing with the boxy gas-powered Escalade, but it’s possibly the most important flag-bearer yet for the automaker’s transition to electric vehicles.  
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Even 'Barbie' may not be able to rescue AMC Theaters

Barbie has already pulled in over a billion dollars. That still may not be enough to save AMC Theaters, which has a looming bill it may not be able to pay back.  
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Fox Business to host second GOP primary debate

The second Republican presidential debate, which will be held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on September 27 in California, will air on Fox Business, according to news release from the Republican National Committee. Univision and Rumble will also partner with Fox Business on the debate.  
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Source: CNN Business

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