August 18, 2023

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Why stock investors are suddenly so scared

Many investors are running a sizable profit this year – the S&P 500 is about 14% higher in 2023. But market losses have been piling up over the past month, particularly on growing fears of contagion from an economic slowdown in China. Inflation, Russia’s war in Ukraine and weakness in America’s banks also have Wall Street spooked.  
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Bitcoin price on the skids as investors pull $1 billion from crypto

The price of bitcoin has dropped nearly 9% since early Thursday as part of a broader sell-off of risky assets. A report that Elon Musk’s Space X had dumped the cryptocurrency stoked investors’ fears.  
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Why are Treasury yields so high and what does it mean for you?

US Treasury rates are white hot. That’s bad news for stocks and anyone planning to buy a home.  
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Evergrande's bankruptcy may be just the beginning of China's real estate crisis

Evergrande’s US bankruptcy serves as a cautionary tale about the growth-at-all-costs model that underpinned China’s spectacular growth over the past 30 years.  
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New Chick-fil-A creation may spark another sandwich war

Chick-fil-A’s first foray into the chicken sandwich wars was so successful that it’s launching a second entry, marking the first time the chain has altered its well-known fried chicken sandwich.  
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Spam donates 5 truckloads of beloved canned meat in response to Maui fire

The makers of Spam, saying that their “special relationship with the Hawaiian community spans decades,” have donated over 264,000 cans to aid the disaster-relief efforts on Maui, the company said in a press release.  
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Source: CNN Business

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