February 22, 2024

Markets Now February 22, 2024

A good day for 401(k)s: S&P 500 and Dow hit new highs as Nvidia fervor takes hold of Wall Street

US stocks soared to new highs on Thursday after Nvidia, the third largest company on Wall Street, blew past earnings expectations and bolstered investor optimism on Wall Street.  
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Premarket stocks: Could the Federal Reserve rule out rate cuts in 2024?

Investors seemed convinced just months ago that the Federal Reserve would begin slashing interest rates aggressively during the first quarter. Now, some are wondering if the central bank might not cut rates at all this year.  
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Toyota recalls 280,000 vehicles because they may ‘creep forward’ in neutral

Toyota is recalling about 280,000 pickups and SUVs in the United States because the engine may not disengage entirely when in neutral.  
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How Nestlé is changing in an older and Ozempic-obsessed world

Nestle’s pivot from babies to baby boomers is part of a bigger push into healthier products, as it looks to capitalize on the return of dieting.  
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Watch: Tesla Cybertruck reviews from both Elon Musk fans and haters

From ‘it’s gorgeous’ to ‘it’s a fridge on wheels,’ we get reactions to the Cybertruck, maybe the most divisive vehicle ever made.  
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The four-day work week is here to stay at UK companies that tried it

One year after the conclusion of the world’s biggest trial of a four-day work week, a large majority of companies that took part were still allowing their employees to work a shorter week and more than half had made the change permanent.  
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Source: CNN Business

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