April 19, 2024

Markets Now Friday, April 19,2024

Analysis: What stalled this year’s seemingly infallible stock market rally

The 2024 gangbusters rally has skidded to a screeching halt.  
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Oil prices get short-lived boost from attack on Iran

Oil prices jumped overnight after explosions were reported near the Iranian city of Isfahan, but those gains dissipated Friday as officials sought to play down the latest escalation in Middle East tensions.  
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Aldi’s ‘aisle of shame’ is a middle row of goodies that have nothing to do with groceries. Shoppers are huge fans of it

Caitlyn Pratt is an avid Aldi shopper, so much so that she crosses state lines a few times a month to drive 45 minutes to the nearest one in neighboring Arkanas.  
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Tesla recalls Cybertruck due to accelerator pedal that can stick

Tesla has been ordered to recall nearly 4,000 of its Cybertrucks due to an accelerator pedal that can have the pad come off of it and cause it to stick in place when pressed down.  
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The US may be on the verge of a ‘doom loop.’ Can this fix it?

Since the pandemic, office vacancies in cities across the US have been on the rise, and could trigger an ‘urban doom loop’ if they remain vacant. One option: convert them into residential spaces.  
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UAW union vote at Volkswagen could have big implications for US auto industry and labor’s strength in South

Renee Berry has been working at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee since 2010, shortly after it opened, long enough to see the majority of her co-workers twice vote against joining the United Auto Workers union. She thinks the third vote taking place this week will be different.  
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Source: CNN Business

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