January 3, 2024

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Epstein-linked John Does are about to be named publicly. Here’s what we know

The identities of dozens of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates are expected to be revealed as soon as Tuesday, removing a cloak of anonymity that had partly shielded his network of friends and business associates from public scrutiny.  
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After Harvard and Penn president resignations, MIT’s Kornbluth is the last one standing after House antisemitism hearing

In the weeks following their testimonies on antisemitism, Magill and Gay resigned. So far, Kornbluth has kept her job.  
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EV tax credits just changed again: Here’s where you can still get discounts

The Internal Revenue Service updated the rules for electric vehicle tax credits again starting with the first day of 2024. The bad news is that fewer vehicles are now eligible for tax credits and even fewer are eligible for the maximum $7,500.  
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Indian billionaire Gautam Adani says ‘truth has prevailed’ after top court orders regulators to wrap up probe

India’s top court ordered the country’s market regulator on Wednesday to conclude its investigation into the Adani Group quickly and said that no further probes are needed.  
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Video: Police dept. launches 4-day work week pilot program

In Golden, Colorado, every employee in the police department is on the clock for just 32 hours a week beginning this past July. CNN’s Erica Hill explains the pilot program.  
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Does the secretive board running Harvard get a failing grade?

The past few months have been an absolute nightmare for Harvard University.  
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Source: CNN Business

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