March 26, 2024

Markets Now: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Analysis: America’s largest companies are fueling inequality, says new study

US-based corporations are making more money than ever before, and they’re putting that money right back into shareholders’ pockets.  
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Krispy Kreme donuts are coming to McDonald’s

McDonald’s customers can soon pair Krispy Kreme donuts with their morning McCafe, in a new food partnership that seeks to expand both brands but that could wind up weakening them instead.  
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Cars, sugar and cruises: How the Port of Baltimore closure could hurt the economy

The bridge collapse that has indefinitely halted the flow of ships in and out of the Port of Baltimore could hurt the local economy, strain supply chains and scramble deliveries along the US East Coast.  
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Is America at risk of a bond market meltdown? This watchdog thinks so

The United States risks a bond market crisis of the kind that engulfed the United Kingdom 18 months ago, sending yields soaring and sparking a run on the pound, according to Congress’s independent fiscal watchdog.  
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‘My podcast makes more’: Kara Swisher reacts to Trump’s Truth Social going public

CNN contributor and longtime tech journalist Kara Swisher joins CNN’s Laura Coates to talk about the listing of Donald Trump’s Truth Social stock on Nasdaq.  
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BYD’s profit soared 80% in the year the Chinese EV giant overtook Tesla

BYD reported a jump of more than 80% in profit in its first set of annual earnings since it stole Tesla’s crown as the world’s top seller of electric vehicles.  
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Source: CNN Business

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