August 29, 2020

True partnerships

When we at Duncan Williams Asset Management have the opportunity to work with a nonprofit, it is our intention to form a true partnership.  This is notably different from the way many of our competitors operate in the space.  Many investment firms are content to have just a “business relationship” – where they provide a service, the nonprofit pays a fee, and that is the entirety of the relationship.  For us, it is vitally important to truly understand the mission of the organization before we give the first word of advice. With that understanding, it becomes easier for us to form a true partnership and do the things we can to help the organization achieve its mission more effectively and efficiently. We support every organization that we work with, but our support has many manifestations. Sometimes it’s financial, sometimes man-hours, or networking, or joint marketing or other creative ideas.  Often, it is a combination of these things.  Of course, investment advice is also part of the relationship, and I believe that there is no better firm in Memphis to provide investment and financial advice to our local nonprofits than Duncan Williams Asset Management.  If you are an Executive Director, serve on a board, or work at a nonprofit, and you don’t have the type of true partnership with your investment advisor that I have described, something is wrong!  Give us at Duncan Williams Asset Management a call today to join the nearly 100 local nonprofits that we work with, and we will work to get you on the path to partnership and success.

David Scully

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