Federal Reserve Meeting Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged

So what did we learn from the policy decision, economic projections and Powell’s press conference on Wednesday?

Investors are currently betting that the Fed will cut rates before the end of the year, with interest rates ending 2023 somewhere between a half point and three-quarters of a point lower than where they are now (a range of 4.75% to 5%). But investors are wrong, said Powell at his press conference on Wednesday. 

Duncan Williams: "Not Taking The Easy Way Out"

My guest today is Duncan Williams. I wanted to have Duncan on this podcast because What started as a small regional municipal bond firm in 1969 grew to be one of the largest female-owned bond broker-dealers in the United States. In addition to this work, this family has a strong presence as a holding company in farmland, apartments, and senior living facilities in the southeastern part of the United States.

Kyle Gowen appointed to Chief Investment Officer and Executive Committee member.

Duncan Williams Asset Management (DWAM) would like to announce the appointment of Kyle Gowen to Chief Investment Officer and Executive Committee member. 

The effects of Geopolitical Conflict on the equity markets.

The threat of war from Russia has overwhelmed mainstream media, so our team believes it is important to consider historical instances of geopolitical conflict and their impacts upon broad equity markets. 

A message regarding COVID-19

Duncan Williams Asset Management remains open. We are here to serve our clients and to answer any questions during these volatile times.

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