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Memphis Grizzlies: Stars are Aligning

In 2018 we began our ECON: 901 series with an early version highlighting the relative value of the Memphis Grizzlies versus the rest of the NBA. Given the newfound success of the team in a world and city that has experienced much change since those simpler times, we decided to revisit the topic.

Do corrections mark the start of a bear market?

Nobody can predict with any degree of certainty whether a correction will reverse or turn into a bear market (that is, periods when the market is down by 20% or more). 

Kyle Gowen appointed to Chief Investment Officer and Executive Committee member.

Duncan Williams Asset Management (DWAM) would like to announce the appointment of Kyle Gowen to Chief Investment Officer and Executive Committee member. 

Market returns tend to be muted until late in midterm years

Understanding how markets work over long periods can give you more peace of mind about your financial future. We understand your concerns and are here to answer them. Call us today to discuss your future. This is just one example of how understanding the markets during midterm elections usually works. 901-435-4250

The effects of Geopolitical Conflict on the equity markets.

The threat of war from Russia has overwhelmed mainstream media, so our team believes it is important to consider historical instances of geopolitical conflict and their impacts upon broad equity markets. 

Duncan Williams Asset Management Ranked #1 Fastest Growing RIA in America

Duncan Williams Asset Management (DWAM) is pleased to announce that we have been ranked the #1 fastest growing RIA in America according to Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2021 RIA Ranking, which lists the top Registered Investment Advisor firms in the country.

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